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Jack London Youth Soccer League

Recreational: Jack London Youth Soccer League.

PSC recreation teams play in the Jack London Youth Soccer League. The league includes teams from: Piedmont,
Montclair, Oakland, East Bay United, Alameda, and Grass Valley soccer clubs. Play begins in September and runs through late October or early November.


PSC Certificate of Completion
Game Day FAQs

What is flighting and how do I request it within JLYSL?

Each coach must consider both the age and skill level of his team when requesting flighting. Flighting levels in Jack London are typically: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Red, White, Blue, Green. Coaches submit a request for flighting at the beginning of the season with their AGC’s who forward the info to the PSC Registrar who will be registering your team. If you are a new coach and are unsure how to properly flight your team because you,

  1. don’t know the level of your players and
  2. don’t know the level of play within the League, please make the Piedmont Registrar aware and they will attempt to get you properly flighted.

Just because you have requested a particular flight, your request may not be granted. After the first three games of the season, Jack London looks at the game results and re-flights teams that have been placed too high or too low.

Coaches are encouraged to have a conversation with their Jack London Match Secretary, which should be provided by their age group coordinator, if they are concerned with their current flighting.

How do I schedule games within JLYSL?

The Jack London Match Secretary schedules all the games within JLYSL. Your initial schedule will only contain the first three games of the season as the league tries to determine how well balanced the flights are. After that third game the match secretary re-flights the teams and then sets the schedule for the remainder of the season. All league information you need is on the website. This includes schedules, opponent info and standings.

How do I change the time / location of a game?

If you have a conflict for a game, you must contact the opposing coach as soon as possible and find a mutually acceptable solution. To find an open field you can search the field schedule in the website. You must then email match secretary with a proposed solution. You must allow at least one week to re-schedule a game, or the league will not have enough time to schedule referees. Conflicts rarely arise at the last minute. Team managers and coaches must confirm players’ availability immediately after schedules are published so that the schedule can be changed.

No-showing for a game or cancelation of a game without one week’s notice is unacceptable. This reflects poorly on the coach, the team and Piedmont Soccer Club and will result in your team getting fined.

What materials do I need for gameday?

On the day of your game, you will be required to provide coach and player-passes and have your laminated “Goldenrod” form and Medical Release Forms. All of this information will be provided to you by the PSC Registrar before the season.

If you are the home team you will need to provide a Game Card to the referee. Game Cards need to be filled out with player names, ID numbers, and uniform numbers. Most coaches print out this information on labels (3 ⅓ by 4 in. Avery labels (no. 8164) work well) before the season so that they can just stick the label on the game card on gameday.

The home team is responsible for providing three properly inflated game balls.

Coaches should carry a first aid kit with instant cold-pack to every game (and practice).

After the game, remember to get your player-passes back from the referee. The winning coach is responsible for mailing the filled out Game Card to the Jack London Match Secretary. Both teams should report the score of the game at

Game Day Gear

  • Home teams need to provide 3 game balls
  • All teams need to have first aid kit with them at each game
  • All teams need to have an alternate color to wear in case of conflicts. It is best to have a bag of pinnies.
  • Goalies need to wear a goalie jersey, a different color jersey, or a pinnie.
  • The home team needs to provide a game card and roster to the referees. See detailed instructions below.
  • Both teams need to bring their player passes to every game.

Roster and Game Card

Go to and login using the credentials that you were emailed.

From this screen, click on Edit Team:

Then from this screen, click on “Roster” at the top:

On this screen, input your roster. All you need to input is First Name, Last Name, and DOB (take from your player cards). Jersey # is helpful if you have it – it will make check in go a little bit faster – but this is not mandatory.
After it is all input, click on View Roster to make sure it is all there.

Before each game, go back to this screen and click on View Team:

On this screen below, click on “CARD” link to the right with your game card for that game, and print it out. BRING IT TO THE GAME FOR THE REFEREE.

This is what the game card looks like (information will be filled in).

Other Notes And Items To Remind Parents On Your Team

  • Both teams set up on the same side of the field. Spectators for both teams must be on the opposite side of the field.
  • Only those with a coach pass are allowed on the team side of the field.
  • All players are reminded that they cannot wear any jewelry during the game. This includes earrings. Covering the earrings with surgical tape is not permitted (unless you happen to get a lenient referee) – the earrings must be removed.
  • No dogs allowed at any fields. Please remind your parents to be respectful of this rule so that we do not lose access to these fields.
  • After the game ends, teams must give a team cheer for the opponent, shake hands with the players from the other team, and shake hands and thank the referees.
  • Parents and spectators may clap and cheer; however, they are not to tell players what to do on the field and are not to harass the referees. Referee calls (right, wrong, or missed altogether) are part of the game and must be respected.
  • *** There is a 96 hour cancellation rule or the team is fined. Please require your players to update their availability in TeamSnap by Sunday evening for the next weekend’s game(s), so that you can notify your Match Secretary (see Don Levine’s email with contact info) if you need to cancel a game. In Rec league, games are not generally rescheduled unless both teams find a mutually agreeable time and find an open field. If you do not cancel a game at least 96 hours before game time, your team will be required to reimburse PSC for the fine that will be charged.
  • In Rec league, the first three games are posted, and then the remainder of the season’s schedule is posted after the first three games are played. This allows the opportunity for re-flighting if needed.
  • *** Every team (except newly formed teams) must have their affiliated referee in the system NO LATER THAN 9/24 or they will not have the rest of their games scheduled.


Tournaments are most often played by competitive teams, but there are options for recreational teams to play in tournaments too.

Jack London Soccer League has a tournament after the last weekend of the season in mid-November. Each team typically plays three to four games over the weekend. To enter the tournament your team must have fulfilled its referee requirement. If your team has not fulfilled its referee requirement and would like to play in the tournament, contact the Piedmont Soccer Club Referee Coordinator to see if the club has any extra games that have been refereed that could be allocated towards your team.

Teams participating will be expected to have two to four families volunteer each day to assist in the administration and scorekeeping of the games.

CYSA also holds a recreational tournament called the Founders Cup at the end of each Fall season (late November, early December). Details on the tournament can be found at

Occasionally a highly-flighted recreational team will want to enter a competitive tournament. If you are interested in this, please check out our Highlander tournament listings for any Copper level tournaments.

Referee Requests

Team managers should be checking their referee status on ‘mysoccerleague’ on Monday or Tuesday before their games to ensure a referee has requested to officiate your game. If by Thursday evening you still do not have a game, one option is to send an email to with the following information:

  • Game Number
  • Team Name
  • Location
  • Kick Off Time
  • Age/Level

Your email will be sent to all referees who have opted in for this service, so they can see your game and sign up if available. Any emails sent earlier than Thursday, 4pm will not be sent to the referees.

Every team should also have their own ‘assigned’ referee, who earns the credits for Jack London YSL, so that families are eligible to receive their Volunteer Deposit back at the end of the season.

This referee can also sign up for your game if there is no one signed up by Thursday at 4pm.

Please ensure that if you have a referee(s) earning you credits, they are assigned to your team (contact to confirm if you are unsure).

Options When There Is No Assigned Gameday Referee

There are times when there is no assigned referee for a particular scheduled game. If this is the case, the order of action to follow is as follows:

  1. Visiting team has first right to provide a licensed referee, likely a parent
  2. Home team can then provide a licensed parent referee
  3. Visiting team can provide a parent non-licensed referee
  4. Home team can provide a parent non-licensed referee

Advantage in having a parent referee:
Rec games are often the last to get covered. This is why it’s so important for each team to have a parent licensed to referee so the games can be played in a safe way. If a parent does step in and referee their kid’s games, they will get game credit, league pay and if affiliated with PSC their credits will go towards their PSC bonus at the end of the season.

Recreational Coaches Checklist (all dates are approximate)

  • Early June – Registration for Fall Closes (Teams are Formed by Age Group Coordinators)
  • Mid June – Uniform Orders are due to Uniform Coordinator
  • July – Keep an eye out for emails from League (Jack London) officials with flighting information. Early August – Practice times assigned by Field Scheduler
  • Late August – Mandatory Coaches Training Session and Meeting (Gear Distribution and Binder Distribution)
  • Late August – Mandatory Positive Coaches Alliance Meeting Late August – Practices and Games Begin
  • November – Season Wraps Up
  • January/February – Highlander Try-outs
  • March – Spring Soccer Team Formation

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