U6 & U8 Academies

U6 Academy

Piedmont SC knows that we have players in town, who want to start early and learn how to play like their older siblings, so we have a program for that!

The U6 Recreation league with PSC just plays on a Saturday, so this additional program allows players to get a 60 minute weekly session under their belt, so they can take on that big brother and sister of theirs.

  • Sessions are built around fun games, with a soccer ball.
  • The aim is for players to learn how to do some basic fundamentals while having fun.
  • The ultimate aim of every session is for the players to leave with a bead of sweat on their forehead and a smile on their face.
  • Did we mention that sessions are FUN based?


U8 Academy

This is a new program to Piedmont Soccer Club, looking to give young players professional training and make the transition from recreation to competitive soccer that much easier. Players will receive structured training and play small sided games in each session.

Academy Formation

There are no tryouts and the program is open to all interested players in the PSC U7-8 rec program. Players are still required to register for recreation soccer in Piedmont, in order to be placed on a Fall League team.

What Will Players Be Learning In Our U8 Academy?

U6 – U8 is the Introductory Phase

The introductory stage of development focuses primarily mastery of the ball and dominating the 1v1. The main emphasis should be when “we” have the ball (offense). There will be little emphasis on coaching when “they” have the ball (defense) with the main goal being to get the ball back. The main objective within the curriculum is to develop a passion for the games of soccer and individual soccer personalities.

Expectations of Coaches in the U6-U8 Age Group

Emphasize having fun, while playing. Developing players who have respect toward the sport, teammates, coaches and opponents. Players will be encouraged to have “confidence” with the ball and to make things happen with skill – “not be afraid to make mistakes”.

Sessions are 90% focused on individual technique. The 10% of Strategy and tactics will be based on very basic when “we” have the ball (offense) and “they” have the ball (defense).

Teach psychomotor skills and general coordination both with and without the ball and teach all necessary movements needed for technical skill development.

Coaching Curriculum

Fundamentals covered…

  • Dribbling
  • Feints and Disguises
  • Turning
  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Striking/Shooting

A typical practice session should include the following:

  • 500 touches – 10 minutes
  • Physical development (i.e. balance, coordination, speed) and Relationship work (unopposed with other players i.e. passing moving and receiving) – 15 minutes
  • Opposed practices – 15 minutes
  • Small Sided Games – 15 minutes
  • Reflect – 5 minutes


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