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Like you, we are really looking forward to getting back on the field ASAP & ASAP (as soon as possible & as safely as possible). In that spirit, we want to update you on our 2020/21 plans for team formation, fees, next steps, and more.

Highlights are below. For more information on these and related topics, please visit our FAQ.

Before everything changed, we planned to kick off the 2020/21 season with in-person tryouts in May. But with regional SIP orders and range of uncertainties, the PSC Board voted to cancel this year’s tryouts and form teams via a revised approach — re-assemble last year’s teams as the basis for our 2020/21 rosters. While not our first choice, we see this as the best path to helping us all move forward and get ready to play when fields reopen.

Our hope is to re-form every team from last year, with some exceptions based on coach & family input. To help fill open roster spots we will place new players after returning Highlanders have been offered one, and also selectively expand rosters where it makes sense. (Please see our FAQ for information specific to forming U9 and U11 teams).

As a Board, we will do all that we can to help kids find a team. You can help too. Please encourage your teammates to join you & your friends and play soccer next season. It will be fun, and your continued participation will be important to helping PSC keep local soccer going.

Our 2020/21 fees for Comp & Rec are below. For context, they were determined assuming a normal year of soccer across our summer, fall, winter and spring programs. That said, and appreciating the uncertainties around us, if ongoing COVID-19 restrictions materially limit our planned programming, we will revise our 2020/21 fees accordingly. Over the next few weeks, as we better understand the phased regional public health guidelines, we will continue working with league, field, and coaching (24/7) partners to figure out how to adjust our programs to stay fun and safe. We will share more on this as soon as we can.

To help keep moving forward — because we need to get organized with teams, coaches, fields, referees, and schedules — we have also restructured how families will pay their 2020/21 fees.  To help foster our mutual commitment to the coming season, our 2020/21 payment installment plans will not start until we can officially get back on the field, and will continue as soccer continues.

Highlights of our revised approach (Comp & Rec)

  • We set up our 2020/21 installments to support two core ideas:
    1. Collect an initial deposit to confirm all PSC players (Rec & Comp) and help us cover core operating costs. 
      IMPORTANT: If the Fall season never starts due to public health guidelines, we will refund your initial installment minus a non-refundable deposit ($25 for Rec, $200 for Comp).
    2. Schedule the remaining installments such that no more fees will be collected until we can get back on the field.
  • Our intent with this approach is to tie your installments to soccer officially starting & continuing. If regional public health guidelines should substantially impact our planned programs mid season, we will determine then how to adjust our fees & payment plans. For more on this please visit our FAQ.

Please take the steps below to join your PSC team and teammates.


To rejoin your team, or if you are interested to join a Highlander team next season, please do the following:

Step 1
Register now to help PSC know that you want to play
(no fee to sign up)

For ALL new & returning players. Please register before May 25 here:
If you have already registered, you are all set! Get ready for Step 2.

Step 2
Engage with your coach

Your coach will reach out to you per the team formation schedule below.

Step 3
Accept your 2020/21 roster spot

After Step 2, you will get an email with a link and further directions. Complete the registration & pay deposit — within 48 hours of your coach calling — to confirm your spot on the team.

REC Players

Step 1
Register your player
We will share a registration link soon.

For ALL new & returning Rec players
Be sure to register on time!
Registration opens May 22 & closes June 12

Step 2
Engage with your coach

Your coach will reach out to you in July to discuss your team and the coming season.

We appreciate the volume of information here. Please see our FAQ for more, or reach out directly with questions.

We will be in touch soon with more about schedules, program updates, fees, and other important information.

Really looking forward to seeing you on the field!

— PSC Board

Team Formation Timelines (Rec & Comp)

PSC 2020/21 Coaching Staff just announced…

May 26 Purple team coaches formally reach out to set teams
May 27 Purple team rosters set
May 28 White team coaches formally reach out to form teams
May 29 White team rosters set
May 30 Slate team coaches formally reach out to form teams
June 1 Coaches will reach out to all potential new comp players (from our Rec program) to discuss available roster spots
May 22 ←→ June 12 Please register your player during the registration window. We will share the registration link soon. Late registrations will be placed on teams pending available spots. Thank you for registering on time!
July Coach will reach out to discuss your team & schedule
2020/21 Player fees (Rec & Comp)
Fees may adjust pending more information on when & how we can retake the field.
REC 2020/21 Player fees* Volunteer fee
U6 $200.00 $0
U7- U8 w/ Academy $370.00 $0
U9 – U10 w/ Academy $450.00 $0
U11 – U19 $430.00 $0
COMP 2020/21 Player fees* Volunteer fee
U8 $1450.00 $75.00
U9 – 10 $1850.00 $75.00
Non Premier U11-12 $2050.00 $75.00
Premier U11-12 $2200.00 $75.00

*Does not include uniforms, tournaments, or coaching travel expenses; the latter two will vary by team
*Reflects select increases in direct costs, namely fields, coaching, and league fees.
*PSC’s 2020/21 player fees are in line with the planned fees of nearby clubs.

See our FAQ for more information

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