Competitive Team Manager

Here team managers can find all the resources that they need, in order to manage their team successfully.

Coach Expenses Guide

If your team has a professional head coach, they may request expenses to be paid for certain items. Please see the guide for more information.

Coach Expense Guide
Coach Expense Template


Coach Expectations
Player Expectations
Parent Expectations

VC Invitation Letter

VC Invitation Letter

Sideline Behavior

Coach Sideline Behavior
Game Day FAQs

Scheduling Guides

Here you can find the Jack London Youth Soccer League (JLYSL) guide to requesting fields for all of your games. It is vital that you follow this guide when scheduling any games.
JLYSL – Home Game Field Scheduling Process Overview
JLYSSL – NorCal Home Game Request Procedure

  • The initial schedule of game days (no game times will be on the schedule) will be created by the NorCal coordinators. Once this this has been created coaches should immediately check their team for availability and any conflicts should be quickly identified.
  • It is the responsibility of the home team to schedule the games in NorCal. The recommended procedure is to:
    • Send the opposing coach a “chat” on confirming that they are available to play on the scheduled date and check if he has a preference (morning or afternoon). Once reply is received or if you receive no reply after 24 hours you may proceed with requesting a field through the Jack London site.
    • Submit a field request for fields and times through the Jack London website ( The sooner you make your request, the more likely that you will get your preferred time and location.  You will get email confirmation via the mysoccerleague webite (this is what Jack London uses for field scheduling). You can login into this site to see all your home game information. Your Norcal opponents don’t have access to this site.
    • Once you receive your field information you must enter information on Gotsoccer site (to let your opponent know the details).

How do I change the time / location of a game?

If you have a conflict you must use same procedure you use when scheduling a normal game. Most important is to coordinate with opposing coach. You must allow at least one week to re-schedule a game, or the league will not have enough time to schedule referees. Conflicts only rarely arise at the last minute.

Rescheduling should be exceedingly rare.No-showing for a game or cancellation of a game without one week’s notice is unacceptable. This reflects poorly on the coach, the team and Piedmont Soccer Club and will result in PSC and your team getting fined ($300 for field and referee costs).

Team Registration

Once your team is registered, you will receive a binder containing medical releases for all players, your official roster, and player-passes. Binders are usually ready to be handed out in late August and are often distributed at the coaches meeting.

All of this documentation must be brought to each game or your team will not be allowed to play. For home games, you will also need to print off a game card from

Volunteer List

In order to share the load, we recommend each team has parent volunteers in certain areas. Use this pdf to give you an idea of the important roles.

Parent Job List
Team Roles/Volunteers

Once you know your tournaments and other team expenses, you can plug that information into this spreadsheet, so you know how much each family needs to pay to cover these fees (tournaments, uniforms and coach expenses are not included in registration fees).
Team Budget Template

Referee Requests

Team managers should be checking their referee status on ‘mysoccerleague’ on Monday or Tuesday before their games to ensure a referee has requested to officiate your game. If by Thursday evening you still do not have a game, one option is to send an email to with the following information…

  • Game Number
  • Team Name
  • Location
  • Kick Off Time
  • Age/Level

Your email will be sent to all referees who have opted in for this service, so they can see your game and sign up if available. Any emails sent earlier than Thursday, 4pm will not be sent to the referees.

Every team should also have their own ‘assigned’ referee, who earns the credits for Jack London YSL, so that families are eligible to receive their Volunteer Deposit back at the end of the season.
This referee can also sign up for your game if there is no one signed up by Thursday at 4pm.

Please ensure that if you have a referee(s) earning you credits, they are assigned to your team (contact to confirm if you are unsure).

Estimated Timeline

Practices will begin for all our competitive teams, the week of March 5 (teams have already received their practice schedules).

Game dates will vary and are subject to rescheduling, but please see below a guide for your age groups…

Region 3/4

  • March 10, 2018 Game Date #1
  • March 17, 2018 Game Date #2
  • March 24, 2018 Game Date #3
  • April 7, 2018 Game Date #4
  • April 14, 2018 Game Date #5
  • April 21, 2018 Game Date #6
  • April 28, 2018 Game Date #7
  • May 5, 2018 Game Date #8
  • May 12, 2018 Game Date #9
  • May 19, 2018 Game Date #10

NorCal U11-U13

  • March 10, 2018 Game Date #1
  • March 17, 2018 Game Date #2
  • March 24, 2018 Game Date #3
  • April 7, 2018 Game Date #4
  • April 14, 2018 Game Date #5
  • April 21, 2018 Game Date #6
  • April 28, 2018 Game Date #7
  • May 5, 2018 Game Date #8
  • May 12, 2018 Game Date #9
  • May 19, 2018 Game Date #10

NorCal U14-U19

  • March 17, 2018 Game Date #1
  • March 24, 2018 Game Date #2
  • April 7, 2018 Game Date #3
  • April 8, 2018 Game Date #4
  • April 14, 2018 Game Date #5 (Girls)
  • April 15, 2018 Game Date #5 (Boys)
  • April 21, 2018 Game Date #6
  • April 28, 2018 Game Date #7 (U16-19)
  • April 29, 2018 Game Date #7 (U14-U15)
  • May 5, 2018 Game Date #8
  • May 6, 2018 Game Date #9
  • May 19, 2018 Game Date #10

Schedules will likely not be released by NorCal until February 28th so please let your team know that they’re not likely to get game times until around March 7 (first games start on March 10).

Tryout Details

Tryouts will take place from May 13 and run through until May 24.

  • This will mean all tryouts are complete before Memorial Day weekend so players can register for fall before heading off on their summer vacations.
  • Team meetings for U9-14 may be able to take place before school is out, but U15 and above will have to wait until families return from summer trips.

U9-14 teams should try to complete all games by May 12, so that players can attend a weekend tryout on May 19/20 (please reschedule these games right away).

Teams will not practice the week of May 13, due to competitive tryouts (details to follow).

U15-19 teams will have until May 20 to complete games, but should check Pro Coach availability due to younger tryouts taking place.

Team Camps

We hope to get these out to you by the end of February this year, so you can plan your summer trips around the camp where possible.

With tryouts taking place in May, we will schedule camps by age group, rather than team. This may mean you do not have the Pro Coach for your camp as you will have for fall, but it will allow us to get camps out before teams are formed in May.

Tournament Recommendations

Deciding which tournament to do is tough, so we have tried to give you some tournaments that we recommend as a club. You can also go to Just put in the date (and state) that you are looking for a tournament and got soccer will provide you with a list of tournaments for that period. If you are unsure on the level of the tournament, you can contact the PSC, Director of Coaching.

Please be aware that you must register for tournaments at least three-four months in advance to ensure that your team will get a spot in the tournament.

Tournament Recommendations

Agenda for Preseason Meeting

All teams should have a separate team meeting, in addition to the club’s Age Group Meeting. This agenda template, will give you a good starting point on items to cover.

Parent Meeting Agenda

State Cup

NorCal conducts an annual state cup tournament for competitive teams with each team playing 7 to 9 games from September to December/January. The tournament consists of three rounds of games that get played in addition to league games (see the current timeline at

The Rounds

In Round 1 (September to early October) teams are placed in a group of 4 teams ranked in their half of the pool and play each team once. NorCal then re-ranks the teams based on the Round 1 results and again places teams in groups of 4 for Round 2 (October to early December). Once again teams play a game against each team and the results determine seeding for the 8 team knock-out phase which is Round 3. In Round 3 a team must win its game to advance to the next game. These games typically take place in early to mid-December.


Registration for State Cup typically takes place in April/early May and costs around $700, which is paid for by the team separately from their team budget. Registration is completed online through NorCal by each team, if the team decides to participate, using their own team tournament budget. The Team Manager or Team Tournament Coordinator will submit this for their respective team. Full details for State Cup can be found on the NorCal Premier website.

The PSC Registrar registers each Highlander team for regular season league play (Fall/ Spring) through Norcal and the associated regular season league fees are covered by the Club.


Play-Dates are an opportunity for U8-U10 teams to to play 3 fairly short games over the course of a single day. The cost per play-date is approximately $175 per team. No standings are kept and the emphasis is on player development and having fun. There are approximately 8 play-dates from April through July and information can be found on the NorCal Premier website (

Team Manager Training Webinar

For anyone who missed our team manager webinar, or if you need a refresher, you can view the slideshow here.

2017 Team Manager Training Webinar
2017 Team Manager Training – PDF

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