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Useful Websites

There are a few websites that you will need access to in order to get information about your team, your division, league and fields that we use.

NorCal Premier

Beginning in Fall 2015 most Norcal team management will be handled on the site. The link below will show you how to do everything (creating rosters, scheduling, “team chat” with opponents, inputting scores, downloading game cards).

Norcal Coaches Handbook

Once on Norcal site, you can still find information needed like: opponents’ record, standings etc. There is a detailed “Norcal Coaches Handbook” available on the site as well.  Please read it.  It will only take 30 about minutes and answers lots of questions. It also has all the league rules.
Norcal Coaches Handbook

Beginning with U11, this league is divided up by “Regional” and “Premier” designations. Piedmont Soccer Club plays in the “Region 3-4” area.  Regional includes Bronze and Copper and Nickel flights and Premier includes everything above that.


MySoccerLeauge is used by JLYSL to manage fields, schedule games, and provides contact information for coaches and team managers. The PSC registrar will send you a login name and password for the website and your login should be linked with your team/division.

From your mysoccerleague home page you should be able to:

  • Edit team officials (i.e. add Team Managers and Asst. Coaches) and view affiliated referees under the “Edit Team” link
  • See your teams standing within your division under the “View Division” link
  • See your schedule and report scores under the “View Team” link
  • View Field Usage and Referee Assignments under the “View Your League” link


Sportability is used to register players and coaches for Piedmont Soccer Club. Please make sure you and your assistant coaches have registered as coaches for your team to ensure that you receive all pertinent emails from Piedmont Soccer Club.

US Club Soccer

The US Club Soccer website is used only by competitive team coaches. While it is not too common to have to go to the US Club Soccer Website, you may have to print out an official US Club Soccer Roster for certain US Club Tournaments.

Team Snap

Used to manage your own team.  PSC provides access to it.  You can monitor player attendance, schedule, refreshments, payments and anything else a team needs.

  • Team Manager Suggested Expectations
  • Send weekly email with practice times, game times, and potentially carpool duties
  • Handle all game day paperwork (binder, medical releases, player cards) and manage check-in procedures with game referee.
  • Oversee submission of registration information to PSC Registrar
  • Oversee other team volunteers
  • Manages Teamsnap (
  • Other Team Volunteers
  • Uniform Coordinator – responsible for managing uniform order
  • Tournament Coordinator – responsible for registering for tournaments
  • Carpool Coordinator – if practices are outside of Piedmont
  • Publicity – responsible for submitting short game summaries to Piedmont Post.


This is where you will updates schedules, maintain rosters and communicate with your opponents.

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