Why Become A Referee

All PSC and FC-13 Teams Need To Fulfill A Referee Requirement

U6 and U8 teams depend on volunteers to officiate matches. The requirement is informal.

All teams, U10 and above, MUST have referee(s) affiliated with their team to fulfill the required number of game credits each season for the team to play. As a member organization of the Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League (JLYSSL), PSC teams and referees follow the guidelines established by JLYSSL. For the latest information on the referee requirements for each team and the credits earned per officiated game:

Because without referees our teams could not play soccer 20 weekends out of every year!

There are three requirements for a sanctioned JLYSL game to count: two teams, a field and a referee. Impartial referees are an integral part of ensuring a safe and fair game can take place. U10 and older games require USSF licensed referees and without a licensed referee or referee crew, games maybe cancelled and/or forfeited. To have enough licensed referees to support our youth programs we draw from the families and friends of our players.

Who They Are

PSC has nearly 100 referees that officiate matches throughout the Jack London Youth Soccer League and all over Northern California through the NorCal Premier League. PSC referees are paid volunteers that come from a broad cross-section of our community including current and former club parents, coaches, players and local high school or college players. Individuals who are 14 years of age or older can become a USSF licensed Grassroots referee. The Grassroots license allows a referee to officiate any JLYSSL or NorCal Premier league youth match as a Center or Assistant Referee. The licensing class requires approximately 4 hours of online work and one – three-hour field session.

Become A Referee

Anyone, 14 years and older, who is looking for a way to get to know the game of soccer better, connect with their child, or help out a team, club, or community can become a volunteer. Becoming a referee is an excellent way to support youth soccer, learn more about the game, get exercise and get paid to do it. “It’s the best seat in the house.”

  • Learn more about the game.
  • Figure out what all of those calls are that you didn’t understand.
  • Get great exercise.

Teens–You Can Become Refs Too

  • Develop your leadership skills.
  • Earn some extra money while serving your soccer community.

For information on how to become a referee go to Referee Classes or contact the Club’s Referee Coordinators:

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