US Club Soccer’s Player First Initiative

As part of our affiliation with US Club Soccer, Piedmont Soccer Club would like to share some information regarding their ‘Players First’ initiative and some resources that are available for our players, parents and coaches to utilize.

Over the next five weeks, US Club Soccer will be holding a number of Facebook live events for our members to take advantage of, as well as providing articles for you to read.

Players First comprises of the following five pillars…

1) Parent Engagement and Education (Week of Sep 4)
Players First provides a framework for parents to understand how to value their child’s soccer experience, replacing the reliance on match outcomes, which has served to hinder proper player development methodology.

2) Player Development (Week of Sep 10)
Players First provides tools to clubs and coaches to encourage their players to individually invest in their own development.

3) Coaching Development (Week of Sep 17)
Clubs should encourage their coaches to continually seek out new educational opportunities, and Players First provides resources to help coaches to grow.

4) Club Development (Week of Sep 24)
Soccer clubs are the foundation on which American soccer will maximize growth and long-term success on the field. Players First provides an array of resources to aid in the growth and development of clubs.

5) Player Health and Safety (Week of Oct 1)
Players First provides resources to help clubs and coaches better ensure the health and safety of their players. US Club Soccer believes Player Health & Safety is its first and foremost responsibility to members.

The Facebook Live videos can be viewed on US Club Soccer’s Facebook page.

You can view as live video streams and interact with the speakers, or watch them back at your own convenience.

Piedmont Soccer Club will also be sharing these videos via our own Facebook and Twitter page, so that our members do not miss them.

View US Club Soccer’s complete list of upcoming events below (correct at time of print. Please visit for updated information)…

  • Soccer Parent Resource Center: Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 9am PT, Facebook Live with Skye Eddy Bruce on “The Importance of Parent Engagement in a Club Environment”
  • Positive Coaching Alliance: Friday, Sept. 7 at 9am PT, Facebook Live with Jason Sacks, topic TBA
  • TopYa!: Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 9am PT, Facebook Live with Chris Antoline on “How to Engage Kids and Encourage Ball Work Outside of Practice”
  • Beyond Pulse: Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9am PT, Facebook Live with Michael Sup and Johnny Wilson on “Speed Series Episode 2″
  • Sideline Sports Doc and 11+: Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 12pm PT, Facebook Live with Dev Mishra and Holly Silvers on Player Health & Safety

(remember that if you miss any of the Facebook Live events, you can watch them back on Piedmont SC and/or US Club Soccer’s Facebook pages)

For all articles and other resources, which are part of the Players First initiative, you can find them here.
These include some great individual player development tools, such as Beast Mode Soccer and Topya.

We hope that you all take the time to view the webinars and development tools, so that our players and your children can take their game to the next level.

See you on the field!

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