Practice Ideas

practice ideas

To practice at home, you do not need a lot of space or equipment. Just a ball and some energy!

Take a look below for some ideas to stay sharp…

Footwork *

  1. L Turns
  2. V’s
  3. Box Box Scissors
  4. Brazilian Toe Taps
  5. Push Pull
  6. Box Box Roll
  7. Toe Taps
  8. Toxing


    1. Test your fitness levels, by working through all eight for 60 seconds each, with just 30 seconds in between each activity (use this time to write down your score), take two minutes then repeat to beat your score.
    2. Have your parents join you and try to beat their scores!
    3. Download one of our SkillSKOOL Scorecards and track your progress

Turns *

  1. Pull Back
  2. Inside Hook
  3. Outside Hook
  4. Cruyff
  5. Stepover


Need to work on creating some space to get away from that defender?

  • Set up a 5-10 yard channel to take the ball up and down, changing direction at each end
  • Work for 60 seconds and count the number of times you got up and down with the ball

* All Footwork and Turn techniques can be viewed on the 24-7 youtube channel and on their website. There are also some other moves and technical videos to assist you with some extra training!

First Touch

(Need a wall or a partner)

  1. Receive inside of foot
  2. Receive – turn – pass
  3. One touch passing
  4. Box – Box – Pass
  5. Inside – Outside – Pass
  6. Driven pass with laces


  1. See how quickly can you get to 100 passes?
  2. Three cone challenge

Game Analysis

If you don’t have a space inside to play, why not search your tv listings and/or internet for some soccer games and highlights?


  1. Sit and watch at least 20 minutes of a high level/pro game (or a full game for our slightly older players)
  2. Identify a player that plays your position and write down three attributes that make them successful in that role (if they’re not, which attributes do they need to improve)?
  3. When watching a game, see if you can write down all the player names and what position they are playing
  4. Buy your tickets for the SJ Earthquakes game on October 22 and watch the pros for real at Avaya Stadium (12:45pm kick off)

    1. All players aged 9 and over get to hold the banner on the midfield line during the national anthem!

If you would like some practice ideas individualized to your game, please reach out to your Pro Coach and they will be happy to help.

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