Heat Guidelines for PSC Practices

Dear Piedmont Soccer Club Players and Parents,

We are continuing to monitor the hotter weather this week and reference the US Soccer’s heat guidelines on how to practice safely in the heat+humidity using the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT). Piedmont is in the “Cat 1” region.

We will monitor the WBGT in Piedmont according to Weather.com throughout each afternoon. At least 1 hour prior to practice start times (starting 3pm for 4pm practice), we will use US Soccer’s guidelines to decide whether:

To cancel practice if the WBGT is going to be above 86 degrees by the start of practice

To shorten practice to 1 hour if the WBGT is going to be below 86 degrees but in the mid-80s. All practices will have 4 by 4 minute breaks within the hour.

Otherwise to continue with practice with longer water breaks if temperatures will be in the high-70s or low-80s.

If your team’s practice is canceled, you will receive a message from PSC or your Coaches through TeamSnap.

With all practices this week, make sure to bring plenty of fluids, apply sunscreen at home, and wear a hat too if you like. Take breaks often.

Coaches will adjust practice plans and reduce intensity/workload during these hotter periods too.

Thanks. Stay healthy and cool this week.

Piedmont Soccer Club

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