Team Formation

The team formation process (tryouts) for Highlanders take place at the end of Spring season. Dates are assigned by NorCal Premier, but they usually occur in April – May (registration opens in March-April).

The team formation process is open to all players ages U7 – U12.

The Highlander program is open to families from all communities and not exclusive to Piedmont residents.


AFC U13+ (2009-2003 birthdays) Competitive Soccer Team Formations

Association Football Club (AFC) was founded by the Castro Valley Soccer Club (CVSC), Montclair Soccer Club (MSC), and Piedmont Soccer Club (PSC) in 2017 aiming to provide competitive youth soccer players at U13-U19 in the East Bay Area with the best environment, coaching, and programs to enable them to fulfill their potential to play at High School, College, or beyond.

AFC Team Formation is taking place for U13-U19 Teams in May. Information about AFC team placements can be found here.

There are three try-outs set for the 2009 and 2008 age groups and two try-outs for the 2007-2003 age groups. The AFC team placement session schedule is available online to add your family calendars.

Please register for AFC placement sessions using the registration link below:

AFC plans to publish the 2021-2022 coaching slate at the start of May.

If you have any additional questions regarding AFC programming please contact AFC DOC, Andy Hulbert, at

Do you have questions regarding AFC’s program? Check out the Association Football Club Virtual Information Night to be held on Zoom, Monday May 3rd, 2021 from 7.30-8.30pm

There will be a brief presentation and opportunities for you to ask questions to AFC board members and AFC DOC, Andy Hulbert.

Pre Season Information Night

Every player interested in the Highlander program should have at least one parent attend the pre-season meeting, where we discuss the program, along with any changes for this season. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.

This year, the meeting will be virtual and taking place on Wednesday, April 28 2021.

U8 (2014-2015): 6:00pm – 7:15pm
Zoom Link:

U9 – U12 (2010-2013): 7:30pm – 8:45pm
Zoom Link:

The meetings will be recorded and posted on the website for anyone that cannot attend, along with the slide deck.

Team Placement Session Schedule

Assessment Criteria

Players will be assessed over two 90 minute sessions and should attend both practices. This will allow us to gain the most accurate assessment of the child’ s playing level and place them on the most appropriate team for this stage of their development.

For returning Highlander players we will also take into account assessments from the previous season.

Players are observed and placed based on the following criteria

  • Psycho-Social
    • Coachability
    • Effort
    • Focus
  • Technical Ability
    • Ball Striking (Passing and Shooting)
    • First Touch
    • Running With The Ball
    • 1v1
  • Game Insight
    • Positioning
    • Decision Making
    • Defensive and Attacking Principles

Offer & Acceptance

  • After both sessions for an age/gender are complete a club official will communicate with participants to either;
    • Offer a place on one of the Highlander rosters
    • Recommend a place within our Recreation program
  • Communication for the Purple team in the age group will take place within 72 hours of the final session.
  • Participants will then have 48 hours to accept the place, register for the program and remit the non-refundable registration fee (full fee or first installment).
  • Purple teams are formed first, followed by White and then Grey, where we have sufficient numbers, commitment and ability.
  • We are usually able to contact all players within 72 hours of the final tryout.
  • We urge families to discuss the decision to join the Highlander program and ask any questions to the club before the team formation process begins, so that we can form teams efficiently and not leave players waiting to hear whether or not they have made a team.
  • Our goal is to create 3x teams at U9-U10 (Purple/White/Grey) and 2x teams at U11-U12 (Purple/White) *
    • Purple is the 1st team
    • White is the 2nd team
    • Grey is the 3rd team
  • Teams participate in NorCal Premier for league play, with teams flighted in brackets between Gold – Copper for U9-10 and Premier – Copper for U11-12
  • U9-10 play 7v7, with recommended roster sizes of 10-12
  • U11-12 play 9v9, with recommended roster sizes of 12-14
  • U8 players placed into our ‘Academy’ model, which does not place players into tiers and does not have a limit on roster size

* We provide a list of our projected teams for the season at our information night in April. This is subject to change. In rare circumstances there may be no team within an age group. PSC will do their best to inform participants ahead of time if/when this is the case.

  • Once teams are formed, each team will hold an individual team meeting, with their Pro Coach. This is where expectations for the season will be set and parent volunteer roles assigned.

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