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To be part of our 2021-22 program and for information on team formation & tryouts please visit our Tryouts page.

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Register now for Highlander 2021/22 Season
All Highlanders players must register online by clicking the Register Now button (above) within 48 hours of being offered a spot on a Highlander Team. When you register, be sure to select the correct Highlanders link for your age group/birth year.

You will be able to upload a proof of birth or passport and a headshot photo of your player for the player pass during registration (see photo requirements in required documentation). You will be able to crop the photo during the registration process, but your child’s face should fill most of the frame after cropping.

If your child played in the NorCal league on a PSC Highlander team last year, you do not need to resubmit a birth certificate. Players who were previously registered with PSC (Recreation/CYSA) but did not play in the NorCal League must resubmit documentation as NorCal and CYSA are not affiliated and age must be verified in the new league. Players who played on a NorCal team, with another club will also need to resubmit proof of age and parents need to ask for a release from their previous club. A player can only play for 1 club per season.

Refund Policy

For more information, please see the Refund Policy (Competitive) on the Registration FAQs.

Documentation Needed for NorCal Players:

Player US Club Soccer Registration and Medical Treatment Authorization form.
A completed copy of this form can be downloaded from SportsEngine after you register, in your player’s registration record. Parents should print and sign two copies of the form, have their child sign the forms and return to the team registration manager, who will then deliver to the club’s registrar. This must be a hard copy, not electronic.

Medical Release Form

Copies of registration and medical release from all players on the team are required regardless of whether they played on the team last year.
 Youth Player Registration Form

Proof of Age

A copy of the player’s birth certificate or the photo page of a current passport are acceptable as proof of age. This must be submitted as either a pdf or jpeg file. Each player’s birth verification must be sent in a separate file. The file name should be the player’s name and the initials BC at the end. Ex: JohnDoeBC.pdf.

Files for all players should be collected by the Team Manager and hand delivered or mailed to the Registrar. If you send it by single email,, include the coach’s name in the subject line of the email. Each file must be small (less than 500 kb) or they will not upload to the registration website.

Players who played in the NorCal on a PSC team last year do not need to resubmit birth verification. Players who were previously registered with PSC but not in NorCal do need to resubmit documentation, as NorCal and CYSA are not affiliated and age must be verified in the new league. Players who played in the NorCal league with a different club also need to submit proof of age as the verification from one club does not transfer to another and parents need to ask for release from previous club.

Player Photo

Photo should be a color head shot. No hats, baseball caps or sunglasses should be worn in the photo. Photo must clearly show the player’s face and cannot be a full body shot. If you submit a hard copy photo, it should be approx. 1” x 1” and follow the same rules as the electronic photos (color, no hats or sunglasss, etc.) Keep in mind that the photo will go on a card the size of a driver’s license.

SportsEngine includes the ability to upload a photo during the registration process. If a parent is not able to upload a photo during SportsEngine registration, they should send an electronic copy of player photo for player pass in a jpeg file to their Team Manager. The file name should be the player’s name. Ex: JohnDoe.jpg. The photo area on the US Club player passes is very small, so a closely cropped head shot works best. Photo files not uploaded to SportsEngine should be collected by the team registration manager and sent to the registrar all at once (Be sure to include the coach’s name in the email). If a photo is submitted through SportsEngine, you do not need to submit a second photo to the team manager.

Highlander Fees

Competitive – Highlanders (U8 – U12)

Our programs have been developed to provide the best mix of training, coaching, and game competition to fit our players’ interests and skills. To help players find the right fit, Piedmont SC supports both “competitive” and “recreational” teams. The Highlanders program is the competitive branch of Piedmont SC for our U8-12 age players.

Fees for 2021-22 Season (Fall 2021 + Spring 2022)

highlander fees

* Will vary by which tournaments (including State Cup) the team opts to play, and away game locations.
** Fees are estimates, subject to change and not guaranteed until registration opens for the season.

Costs Covered by Player Fees

Piedmont Soccer Club is a 501(c)(3) non profit and we use the fees collected to cover for all operating costs, scholarships, and select capital support for local field improvement projects, including Hampton Field and Alameda Point. All Piedmont SC Board members are volunteers, except for our Director of Coaching and Registrar, which are paid positions. The chart below breaks down our primary expense categories.
psc costs chart

Financial Aid

Piedmont Soccer Club offers a limited number of financial scholarships each year. To apply for a scholarship, please read the PSC Scholarship Policy and apply using the online form below.

Piedmont Soccer Club Scholarship Policy

  1. The PSC Board shall determine, each year, the total dollars to budget for financial scholarships (if any).  Scholarships in excess of this amount shall not be awarded.
  2. Scholarships are available to both recreational team and Highlanders competitive team players, but may only be awarded for team registration costs.  Scholarships are not available for special camps, academies, or other training programs, whether offered through PSC, 24/7, or another organization.
  3. Scholarships applicants shall be asked to provide information describing the reason for their request.
  4. All scholarship applications shall be kept confidential.  The VP Administration or other PSC Board officer designated by the PSC President will make scholarship decisions and only PSC Board officers shall be provided information on scholarship awards.
  5. Scholarship awards generally shall not exceed 50% of the team registration costs.  Per item 2 above, additional costs for tournaments, State Cup, travel expenses, uniforms, and other expenses in excess of the team registration costs, shall be the scholarship recipient’s sole responsibility.
  6. A scholarship award in one year is, in no way, a guarantee of a scholarship award in a future year.  The availability of scholarships and the size of the awards (if any) may vary from year to year.
  7. Each scholarship recipient is expected to complete volunteer hours for PSC in consideration of the scholarship received.  These volunteer hours may be field setup and breakdown, or other jobs as determined by the VP Administration or other PSC Board officer designated by the PSC President.  Any scholarship recipient who does not complete the requested volunteer hours shall be ineligible to receive a scholarship in future years.
  8. Any and all exceptions to the above policies may be made only with the approval of the PSC Board.
  9. PSC Reserves the right to modify the above policies from time to time or to eliminate them at any time at its discretion.

Piedmont Soccer Club Scholarship Application

Please complete this form to request a scholarship. Refer to Scholarship policies for additional details. Note that only a limited number of scholarships are available and not all scholarship requests can be granted.
All scholarship recipients are asked to complete volunteer hours for the club. Volunteer hours will be stated in the scholarship award communication. By accepting the scholarship award, recipient agrees to complete volunteer hours as indicated.

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