• Volunteer Deposit
    All families are required to pay a refundable $75 volunteer deposit player per season at registration.
    This is refundable if volunteer obligations are met, by serving as:

    • Volunteer coach
    • Team Manager
    • Affiliated Referee
    • PSC Board Member
    • Assisting with special events or activities as requested

    Irrespective of the above, volunteer deposits are non-refundable to players on a team that incurs league fines for failing to earn enough ‘referee credits’.

  • Tryout Process and Timelines

    Players must register in advance of tryouts via Sportability (free)

    PSC will run two 90 minute tryout sessions per age group (go here for Tryout dates)

    • Players must attend at least one session, but PSC strongly recommends that players attend all tryouts for their age group.
    • Exceptions will be made for players that are sick/injured during the tryout process (doctors note may be required).
      • These players will need to attend a ‘tryout’ during the first team practice for their age group, during which they will be evaluated by a Pro Coach to determine if they will be offered a place on the Competitive team.

    Team selections made by PSC Pro Coaches and 24-7 Evaluators

    • Selected players will be contacted by a club representative to confirm spot on a team
    • All players are contacted, regardless of whether or not they make a team

    Players have 48 hours from offer being made to accept or decline their spot

    • Acceptance requires online registration via Sportability (registration fee required)
    • Players who apply for financial aid should contact the pro coach to inform them that their registration will be after their financial aid application has been processed.
  • Team Formation
    • After tryouts, players who are offered a place in the competitive program will be offered a spot into a Highlander ‘Pool’ for that age and gender.
    • Pool practices consist of Purple and White (and Slate if/when required) practicing together with the Pro Coach of Purple AND White running the session.
    • Final team selections will be determined after two/three weeks of practices, but before the first league games.
    • Teams in the same age group will then continue to practice alongside each other throughout the season (to extent possible based on schedule and field availability)
  • Refund Policy

    Updated as of January 2017. This policy supersedes all other refund policy references or statements published.

    Competitive Programs
    The Highlanders (competitive) program has a strict refund policy because a player’s acceptance onto a team has the effect of denying another player an opportunity to play on a competitive team. Additionally, PSC accrues fees for services provided to the team based on player headcount. Accordingly, fees are not refundable and not transferable.

    Fees cover the entire soccer year. A player who accepts an invitation to play with Highlanders commits to pay the entire fee for the full soccer year. No refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose not to participate at any point after registration, including players suspended from the program.The PSC Board may consider a partial refund ONLY for the following exceptions, which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis: (1) player has a season ending injury: the board may consider a partial refund after review of records provided by family with supporting documents from the treating physician or facility; and (2) families move during the season.

  • Playing Time Policy
    Piedmont Soccer Club – Playing Time Policy
    All PSC players, including Highlanders and Recreational teams, will receive a minimum of 50% playing time at each game (and for younger ages, we strive for equal playing time). Exceptions to this may occur for disciplinary or commitment concerns which would be communicated to the player and to parent(s) of younger players in advance of any impacted game.
  • Player Dependencies

    There is a new request embedded within the online Kyck/US Club Soccer registration process asking if a player has ever played outside the US and what the player’s Country of Birth is. This is part of FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players mandate that clubs are complying with.

    More info here:

  • Can My Child Play “Down”?
    In our Highlander program, players are not permitted to play down an age group. If they are registering for a Recreational team, a player may submit a play down request in their application. This should be on the grounds of medical reasons. Playing with classmates is not a sufficient reason. Any play down requests are sent to the playing league’s committee for approval (this is not decided by PSC).
  • What is the Playing Up Policy for Highlanders?
    Playing Up Policy

    • A player will only be allowed to ‘play up’ with the prior consent of both the Director of Coaching and Head Coach.
    • The decision will be driven by the development needs of the individual player and not for team enhancement.
    • The only exception being, when there is no appropriate team within their own age-group, or there is a need to combine players of different ages to make up a dual-aged competitive team.
    • Any player ‘trying out’ for the age group above, must also tryout within their own age group.
    • ‘Playing up’ is a one-year offer and should be reviewed by coaching staff on an annual-basis, which is inline with the development needs and best interests of the individual player.
    • The outcome of these discussions will be confirmed with the player’s parent(s) and there will be an open dialogue with the parents throughout to ensure the player’s needs are being met.
  • How are the Team’s Flighted?
    Within both recreational and Highlanders, teams are further grouped according to skill and ability, using colors to identify these levels. Teams are flighted in order to give teams the opportunity to play against players/teams of a similar skill level. Flighting is decided by the Age Group Coordinators, Head Coach and Director of Coaching.
  • How Can I Register My Child?
    Registration for recreational players begins in April and ends June 30th. Players that register after June 30th are put on a wait list and added to teams if space becomes available.

    Registration for Highlander team players begins a few days after tryout results are announced. Only players selected for their Highlander team are allowed to register for that team. You must also register for tryouts before attending these. For full details, go to Highlanders Registration or Recreational Registration.

  • What is the Highlander’s Program?
    Highlanders are the Competitive branch of PSC, with teams formed through a tryout process, which happens between late January and early March. Full details are posted on the Highlander Tryout section of the website. PSC currently has teams from U9 to U17, with a training academy for our U8 players.
  • What Is A Tryout Window?
    The tryout window is decided by US Soccer and NorCal Premier.
    This is the only time that clubs can hold tryouts for their competitive programs.
    The tryout window usually takes place in May, with teams selected for the following Fall and Spring seasons.
    For players in our rec program that miss the window, please reach out to our DOC@piedmontsoccer.org to arrange a time to come out to a session.
  • Tryouts – How Do We Know If We Made A Team?
    Within 72 hours after tryouts are completed, we will make calls to those who are selected into the program.
    After receiving a call, players will have 48 hours to accept the slot, register for the program, and remit the non-refundable registration fee (full fee or first installment).
    Players will be offered a spot on the Purple, White or Slate team. Players may be moved between teams between Fall and Spring, prior to the 2020 tryouts.
    PSC reserve the right to decide, with input from 24-7, whether to form one, two or three teams at an age group, the league in which each team should participate, and the flighting of each team.
    Players who do not accept their slot, register and remit payment within 48 hours after acceptance onto the team will be deemed to have declined their slot, and the spot will be offered to the next player on the list.
  • Who Coaches The Teams?
    All Highlanders teams are led by a Professional Head Coach from 24-7 UK Soccer Academy. They work alongside a parent volunteer coach.
    Where possible, in the Highlander program, coaches will generally work with a team for one year at U8 and two years at U9-10 and U11-12.
    Pro Coach positions are usually available at tryouts and any information nights leading up to tryouts.
  • How Do I Sign Up To Be A Coach?
    Applying for Coach Pass
    Here are the steps necessary to obtain a Competitive Coach card thru US Club Soccer:

    1. Sign up as a coach (for free) and enter your info and headshot photo (click on red “Register Now”):
      Piedmont Soccer Club at Sportability
    2. Complete the Sideline Sports online course:
      Sideline Sports Doc – US Club Soccer
    3. After completing the course, email the PSC registrar with your confirmation number:
    4. Complete the application for background screening:
      Background Screening – US Club Soccer
      PSC will be happy to refund this cost to you after you complete the course and affiliate with a PSC team. Please contact the club treasurer for reimbursement.
  • What Is The Volunteer Fee?
    Piedmont Soccer Club is a volunteer-run organization for our community serving approximately 1200 players.
    All Highlanders players are required to pay a refundable $75 volunteer deposit at the time of registration.
    This deposit is refundable only to those families who have fulfilled their volunteer obligations and request a refund of their volunteer deposit at the end of the season.
    Volunteer obligations may be fulfilled by serving as parent volunteer coach, team manager, affiliated referee, or member of the Board of Piedmont Soccer Club, or by assisting the club with special events or activities as requested.

    Irrespective of the above, volunteer donations are nonrefundable to players on a team that does not earn its required number of “ref credits” for the fall and spring seasons

  • What Is The Field Preservation Fee?
    To help ensure the longevity of our local fields, PSC collects $25 per player to help fund the maintenance of Piedmont’s grass and turf fields.
  • How Long Is The Season?
    The U.S. Club Soccer year runs from June 1st through May 31st. Players who are accepted into a Highlanders team at tryouts will be guaranteed a place on a Highlanders team through the end of spring the following year.
    Players accepted on a team in May (at tryouts) will register for the year and are required to commit to the team for Fall AND Spring.
    Please speak to your pro coach prior to accepting a spot on the team, with any commitment issues and/or other conflicts.
    It adversely impacts the experience for the other members of the team if a player accepts a spot and then does not honor that commitment.
  • My Child Plays A Spring Sport – Can We Still Play Highlanders?
    Piedmont Soccer Club recognizes that some players participate in multiple sports, with soccer as the primary sport in the fall and another in the spring. PSC provides two training sessions a week in the spring for competitive players, but understands that some players may only attend a minimum of one session a week due to other spring commitments.
    It is also understood that some players may have limited availability to play games in the spring season due to conflicts with other sports.
    All other commitments should be communicated to the Professional Coach prior to accepting a spot on the Highlander program, so that expectations can be set.
    PSC expects all Highlanders players to make soccer their first priority sport in the fall.
  • Does My Registration Fee Cover Tournaments And State Cup?
    Team registration fees DO NOT include the costs of registering for State Cup or any other tournaments.
    These additional expenses shall be decided on a team-by-team basis at your pre-season meeting and shall be collected by the team treasurer or team manager.
    On top of these costs, teams may incur other fees, such as pro coach travel expenses.
    The policy for this and other resources can be found here.
  • What Happen If Our Team Forfeits A Game?
    Teams are required to submit request for game cancellation (if needed) at least 96 hours before game time. If a game is cancelled within 96 hours of game time, the team is responsible for payment of all fines associated with late cancellation or forfeiture.
    All players are expected to update their availability on TeamSnap so that team managers can determine in advance of the 96 hour deadline if a game must be rescheduled.
    Players who have not updated availability will be considered unavailable and the team manager/coaches will attempt to find a guest player to play in place of them, if possible.
  • How Do We Buy Our Uniforms (Highlanders)?
    Piedmont Soccer Club will have NEW UNIFORMS FOR 2020-21 SEASON, which will be good for two years (2020-21 and 2021-2: The uniform style will change for Fall, 2022).
    All Highlander players are required to have both home (purple) and away (white) uniforms, which can be purchased at Soccer Post (2203 S Shore Center, Alameda).
    Do not order until you have confirmed your jersey number, with your team manager.
    For practices, players should wear purple practice tee (also available from Soccer Post), with black shorts and purple socks. Players must confirm jersey numbers with team managers and order uniforms in early June, in order to ensure that uniforms are received in time for the first games.
    Allow at least 8 weeks for uniform orders.
  • Who Are The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)?
    PSC subscribes to the philosophy of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) (www.positivecoach.org). PSC sponsors a PCA meeting for coaches and parents each year.
    Every Highlanders parent is strongly encouraged to attend the 2020 PCA meeting to learn about the power of positive coaching and every Highlander team is required to have a PCA Ambassador, who must be able to attend the PCA meeting on behalf of the team.
  • Do We Practice Over The Summer?
    Evening summer training led by Pro Coaches begins in July and runs until school begins, where we transition straight into Fall practice.
    Teams will also receive a week-long summer camp (3 hours per day for 5 days – Monday thru Friday.
    Dates, times and locations of summer training and summer camp are posted on the Piedmontsoccer.org website and will be available at the pre-season meeting (team camps are usually available by March for families to plan accordingly).

    The cost for the week-long summer camp and evening training is included in the registration fee and players are expected to attend summer training and summer camp and should communicate with their Pro Coach if they are unable to attend.

  • When Is The Fall Season?
    U8: Aug – (early) Nov
    U9-10: Aug – (mid) Nov
    U11-12: Aug – (mid) Dec

    Extended State Cup:
    Some Purple level U11-12 teams will also be part of the ‘platinum’ or ‘gold’ level state cup, which extends into Jan-Feb.
    This consists of 6 additional weeks of practice in Jan and Feb and 2-3 weekends of games in Jan/Feb.
    Players are expected to be available for these sessions and games. Please speak to your pro coach prior to accepting a spot on the team, with any commitment issues and/or other conflicts.
    It adversely impacts the experience for the other members of the team if a player accepts a spot and then does not honor that commitment.

  • When Are Schedules Available?
    We do our best to get schedules to our members at the earliest possible time and work closely with our partners at PUSD, PRD and the many other community user groups, who we share facilities with to improve this timeline each year.

    Schedules and registration available in March – Tryouts run in May
    Team Camps:
    Schedules available in March – Camps run mid-July and August.
    Summer Evening Training:
    Schedules available in May (pre-season meeting) – Sessions take place for 4-6 weeks in July and August
    Fall Training:
    Schedules available in May (pre-season meeting) – See WHEN IS THE FALL SEASON? for more details.
    Winter Schedule:
    Schedules available in October – Winter training is an additional fee and there are many options available (sessions run in Dec and Jan)
    Spring Schedule:
    Schedules available in January – Spring season runs from early March to early May (depending on US Soccer Tryout Window)

  • How Often Do We Train And Where?
    Highlander teams will practice twice a week in Spring, Summer and Fall, with an option to sign up for a third practice through our partners at 24-7 (additional fees apply for these programs).
    We continue to develop facility availability and can now offer more and more in town practices to our members.

    Summer – Twice a week (plus team camp) in Piedmont
    Fall – Twice a week in Piedmont
    Spring – Twice a week (teams should expect to have at least one practice per week in Alameda – Bladium / Alameda Point)

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